From time to time, important information needs to be disseminated to our clients and workers’ compensation professionals. At Bleakley Cypher we publish informative newsletters when needed.

June 2019

The BCPWQ June 2019 Newsletter discusses proposed structural changes that will affect our workers’ compensation system.

June 2019 Newsletter

January 2019

The BCPWQ January 2019 Newsletter discusses the new mileage allowance, the state average weekly wage, and the maximum indemnity rate, as well as several new Magistrate appointments.

January 2019 Newsletter

January 2018

The BCPWQ January 2018 Newsletter discusses the recent Magistrate appointment, as well as changes to the mileage reimbursement rate, the maximum indemnity rate, and the online workers’ compensation calculator for the year 2018.

January 2018 Newsletter

September 2017

The BCPWQ September 2017 Newsletter discusses two recent Magistrate decisions that deal with compensability determinations for motor vehicle accidents and parking lot injuries.

September 2017 Newsletter

December 2013

The BCPWQ December 2013 Newsletter discusses two recent decisions from the Michigan Court of Appeals that address the employee/independent contractor issue and the application of Stokes to closed period claims.

December 2013 Newsletter

July 2013

The BCPWQ July 2013 Newsletter discusses a recent case on the issue of aggravation of pre-existing condition.

July 2013 Newsletter (2)

August 2012

The BCPWQ August 2012 Newsletter discusses the procedural and substantive changes affecting workers’ compensation claims handling and administration.

August 2012 Newsletter

May 2012

The BCPWQ May 2012 Newsletter discusses the proposed amendment to the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act regarding medical marijuana.

May 2012 Newsletter

April 2012

The BCPWQ April 2012 Newsletter addresses a Federal Court of Appeals case that may allow claimants to sue under the RICO Act for fraudulent denial of workers’ compensation benefits.

April 2012 Newsletter

January 2012

The BCPWQ January 2012 Newsletter discusses the changes to the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act in regards to partial disability and the potential for retroactive applicability.

January 2012 Newsletter

December 2011

The BCPWQ December 2011 Newsletter discusses the changes to the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder on December 19, 2011.  Below is a link that will take you to the full version of House Bill No. 5002, which was signed by the Governor and reforms the Act.

December 2011 Newsletter

House Bill No. 5002

October 2011

The BCPWQ October 2011 Newsletter addresses the revised House Bill 5002 that passed the House Commerce Committee.

October 2011 Newsletter

September 2011

The BCPWQ September 23, 2011 Newsletter addresses the proposed amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Act.

September 23, 2011 Newsletter

The BCPWQ September 12, 2011 Newsletter addresses the Commission’s Opinion on partial disability wage and rate calculations, the latest sanction imposed on an insurance carrier and possible statutory changes.

September 12, 2011 Newsletter

June 2011

The BCPWQ June 2011 Newsletter addresses the Supreme Court Order which offers guidance on partial disability, as well as Chief Magistrate Jay Quist’s new position.

June 2011 Newsletter

May 2011

The BCPWQ May 2011 Newsletter addresses Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s new Executive Order and restructuring of the Workers’ Compensation Appellate Commission.  Also, recent decisions for employers’ credit/offset of unemployment extensions and a decision regarding the infamous “100-week rule.”

May 2011 Newsletter

February 2011

The BCPWQ February 2011 Newsletter addresses Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s recent appointments to the Board of Magistrates and the Workers’ Compensation Appellate Commission.  Also, the first decision issued by the Board of Magistrates regarding the compensability of Medical Marijuana.

February 2011 Newsletter

August 2010

The BCPWQ August 2010 Newsletter addresses the Michigan Supreme Court’s recent decision in Bezeau v Palace Sports & Entertainment (decided July 31, 2010), and clarification of jurisdictional requirements for dates of injury prior to May 23, 2007.

August 2010 Newsletter

May 2010

The BCPWQ May 2010 Newsletter addresses the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision in Brewer v. A.D. Transport (decided May 10, 2010) that clarifies the Agency’s jurisdiction for out of state injuries.  Also, an update is provided regarding new case law that involves claims against employers and insurers under the RICO Act.

May 2010 Newsletter – PDF Document

December 2009

The BCPWQ December 2009 Newsletter addresses the Supreme Court’s recent Order in the Loos case regarding independent contractors and the relevance of Tax records and documentation; the RICO act; and BCPWQ’s 2010 Workers’ Compensation Seminar Alert.

December 2009 Newsletter – PDF Document

August 2009

The BCPWQ August 2009 Newsletter addresses the Supreme Court’s Opinion regarding award of attorney fees against employers and insurance carriers, in the case of Petersen v Magna Corporation and Midwest Employers Casualty Company, (Decided July 31, 2009).

August 2009 Newsletter – PDF Document

Opinion from the Michigan Supreme Court – PDF Document

July 2009

The BCPWQ July 2009 Newsletter addresses the Supreme Court’s additional Order in the Lofton v AutoZonecase, as well as a concise analysis of a significant decision from the Appellate Commission regarding specific loss benefits. The newsletter also deals with the Appellate Commission Chairperson’s departure and potential replacement. Please click in the attached link to review our July 2009 Newsletter.

July 2009 Newsletter – PDF Document

Opinion from the Appellate Commission – PDF Document

January 2009

Please be apprised of several new cases regarding Workers’ Compensation Amendment as it relates to jurisdiction covered under the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act and upcoming Workers’ Compensation Law Seminar . Please click on the attached link below to view our newsletter which provides a brief analysis of the decisions and the practical implications of each.

January 2009 Newsletter – PDF Document

November 2008

Clients and Friends, please click on the included link to view our latest newsletter which will provide you with a concise summary of recent caselaw, involving new agency forms 105A and 105B, ADA Amendment, misconduct and wage loss, and Rico Act.

November 2008 Newsletter – PDF Document

October 2008

Recent court decisions involving wage loss, calculation of average weekly wage, and mental disabilities.

Wage & Mental Disabilities – PDF Document

August 2008

Recent court decisions involving intentional, willful misconduct and wage loss.

Misconduct – PDF Document

June 2008

Michigan Supreme Court issues Stokes decision regarding disability standards.

Stokes Decision – PDF Document

January 2008

Recent court decision regarding the definition of personal injury: Does Rakestraw Apply to Pre-existing Work-Related Conditions?

Rakestraw Update – PDF Document

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